Our Client Communities are...

Economic Development success stories — Austin,  Texas; Nashville, Tennessee; and Des Moines, Iowa not only consistently appear at the top of national rankings, but they have diversified and strengthened their economies and created a framework for long-term sustainability.​

Diverse in all aspects — Our work has taken us to more than 165 communities in 34 states, ranging from Richmond, Virginia to Madison, Wisconsin; from Gwinnett County, Georgia to Illinois and Iowa’s Quad Cities; and from Tulsa, Oklahoma, to Watertown, South Dakota.

Likely to ask us back — Our firm is privileged to serve a growing list of repeat client communities, including Montgomery, Alabama; Sioux Falls, South Dakota; Rome, Georgia; San Marcos, Texas; Martinsville, Virginia; and Decatur, Alabama, as well as the majority of the communities and regions cited above.​

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