Market Street does a thorough review and assessment of a community and/or economic development organization’s marketing efforts to determine if they reflect best-practice methods for increasing awareness and investment in the area.

Tools and processes examined include: websites; collateral materials; inbound/ outbound marketing events; trade shows;public relations; internal/external marketing; branding and identity efforts; media relations; and others.

Marketing Assessment

Market Street will provide an objective review of the site location decision. All factors will be researched to provide a clear picture of why the firm decided to locate or expand in the chosen market.

After Action Report

To determine whether a community is utilizing its existing capacity to its fullest extent, it is necessary to understand the current staffing, financial, and programmatic capacity of the area’s economic and community development organizations and affiliated agencies. This analysis assesses current organizations, programs and partnerships and determines ifstakeholder groups are effectively cooperating and communicating or are operating in “silos” that inhibit the sharing of resources and the joint development of certain programs and processes.

Organizational and Structural Analysis

Market Street will help develop benchmarks and performance measures to track progress of strategic and organizational efforts over time. If these measures are currently in place, Market Street will assess the viability of current benchmarks.

Implementation Guidelines
Benchmarks and Measures

Our team of trained facilitators are available to lead implementation committee and task force meetings during the first several months of implementation. Market Street can assist with the development of agendas, training materials, and presentations to help guide the work of implementation committees and task forces. Advisory services related to organizational structure and hiring decisions are also available.

​Implementation Committee Assistance

Tactical Assistance

In each project, when the strategy process is complete, that’s when the real work begins. Timely and effective implementation is critical to the ultimate success of any community’s economic development strategy. Each community receives guidance in all aspects of implementation efforts, including the prioritization of implementation actions, development of a realistic timeframe for implementation, a review of funding priorities, potential funding sources, staff capacity, and the development of benchmarks and performance measures. Communications assistance can also​be provided so that the community has a host of marketing and outreach tools to spread the word about the strategy and elicit the participation of all community stakeholders in implementation efforts.


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